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PSY504 Cognitive Psychology MCQs

PSY504-Cognitive Psychology study material for students of virtual university of Pakistan. Download Past(old) Papers solved/unsolved, past assignments, quiz, mcqs, lecture notes, video lectures, handouts, books of PSY504-Cognitive Psychology

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The gap between the neuron is called ________________.
  • Neurotransmitter
  • Synapse
  • Nerve cell
  • Axon
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Highly practiced processes that require little attention are referred to as________.
  • Special
  • Bottle neck
  • Automatic
  • None of the given options
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___________ conducted experiments on visual sensory memory.
  • Moray
  • Bates
  • Sperling
  • Barnett
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When information first enters the human memory system, it is registered in _________ memory
  • Sensory
  • Short term
  • Long term
  • Episodic
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Depending on the delay between the ears, _____________ determines, in which direction the information came from.
  • Ear drum
  • Stirrup
  • Auditory nerve
  • Delay detectors
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____________________ of the following is true sequence of process of auditory information
  • Sound waves, ear drum, cochlea
  • Ear drum, Sound waves, cochlea
  • Sound waves, cochlea, ear drum
  • Cochlea, ear drum, sound waves
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The visual information from two eyes is combined at _______________.
  • Optic chiasma
  • Optic nerve
  • Retina
  • Cornea
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Visual information passes through the lens which helps focus the image on the __________.
  • Iris
  • Retina
  • Sclera
  • None of the above options
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The brain can be divided into ____________ lobes
  • a. Three
  • b. Four
  • c. Five
  • d. Six
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__________________ approach states that what happens between sensation and behavior is more important than just to know which sensation produced which behavior.
  • Behaviorist
  • Psychodynamic
  • The information processing
  • All of the given options
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