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What are the health benefits of mangoes?

What are the health benefits of mangoes? There are many different kinds of mangoes that range in color, shape, flavor and seed size. While the skin color of mangoes can vary from green to red, yellow or orange, the inner flesh of the mango is mostly a golden yellow. They have a sweet and creamy […]

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Chigumbura’s suspension is big blow for Zimbabwe

Chigumbura’s suspension is big blow for Zimbabwe Zimbabwe’s stand-in chief Hamilton Masakadza said the two-match suspension of general captain Elton Chigumbura is a major blow for Zimbabwe when it tackles Pakistan in the second one-day universal on Friday. The ICC has suspended Chigumbura for the staying two ODIs against Pakistan for keeping up moderate over-rate […]

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Ten books to read in June

Ten books to read in June 1- Kamel Daoud, The Meursault Investigation Algerian editorialist Kamel Daoud won France’s 2015 Prix Goncourt for best first novel with this book, a reaction to and a dialog with Camus’ The Stranger. Daoud reframes the story throughout today’s group of onlookers, selecting as his storyteller Harun, the sibling of the […]

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Google Is Adding Buy Button to Google Search Results

Google Is Adding Buy Button to Google Search Results Google’s next commerce effort will be a “buy button” to help people purchase products featured in its shopping ads, said chief business officer Omid Kordestani. The button would give Google Search users the option to purchase without needing to visit a separate website. Key to retailer buy-in, […]

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Maggie Movie Review

Maggie Movie Review Critic’s Rating: 3/5 Avg Readers’ Rating: 3.1/5 CAST: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Abigail Breslin, Joely Richardson, Denise Williamson, Aiden Flowers DIRECTION: Henry Hobson GENRE: Horror DURATION: 1 hour 34 minutes STORY: An infection plague steadily changes the individuals who are contaminated into inhuman zombies. The most ideal approach to manage the corrupted is to place them in isolate amid the […]

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PSY101 Introduction to Psychology MCQs

PSY101-Introduction to Psychology study material for students of virtual university of Pakistan. Download Past(old) Papers solved/unsolved, past assignments, quiz, mcqs, lecture notes, video lectures, handouts, books of PSY101-Introduction to Psychology

Question :
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The proper sequence of structures that sound passes when it enters the ear is the following:
  • Oval window, eardrum, stirrup, cochlea
  • Cochlea, stirrup, eardrum, oval window
  • Stirrup, eardrum, oval window, cochlea
  • Eardrum, stirrup, oval window, cochlea
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The endocrine system is a______________ communication network that sends messages throughout the nervous system via the bloodstream:
  • Photo
  • Neural
  • Electrical
  • Chemical
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The duration of iconic memory is _______ than echoic memory, but its capacity is probably ________.
  • Longer; larger
  • Shorter; about the same
  • Shorter; smaller
  • Longer; about the same
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Which memory system provides us with a very brief representation of all the stimuli present at a particular moment?
  • Sensory memory
  • Short-term memory
  • Long-term memory
  • Primary memory
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The ability to produce solutions to problems that are unusual, inventive, novel, and appropriate is called ________________.
  • Insight
  • Creativity
  • Heuristics
  • Latent learning
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__________of the following perspectives would be associated with free will.
  • Behavioral
  • Psychodynamic
  • Biological
  • Humanistic
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In the statement “Critical thinking requires reasoned judgments,” the word reasoned means __________________.
  • Giving it a lot of thought
  • Seeing one side of an argument very clearly
  • Focusing on opinion
  • Logical and well thought out
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The correct formula for determining IQ as used in Stanford - Binet test was ____________.
  • MA/CA
  • MA/DA × 100
  • CA/MA × 100
  • MA/CA ×100
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Critical thinking means making judgments based on ________________.
  • Emotion
  • Authority and expertise
  • Keeping a closed mind
  • Reason and logical evaluation
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The behavioral treatment approaches assume that abnormal behavior is ____________.
  • Learned
  • A function of dysfunctional cognitions
  • A consequence of restricted growth potential
  • The result of a biological dysfunction
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