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MGT502 Organizational Behaviour MCQs

MGT502-Organizational Behaviour study material for students of virtual university of Pakistan. Download Past(old) Papers solved/unsolved, past assignments, quiz, mcqs, lecture notes, video lectures, handouts, books of MGT502-Organizational Behaviour

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_________ concluded that managers perform 10 interrelated activities that relate to decision making using information and interpersonal relationships.
  • Mintzberg
  • Abraham Maslow
  • Robert Owen
  • Henri Fayol
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Which of the following is not an argument for the assumption of social responsibility by business?
  • Long-run profits
  • Stockholder interests
  • Ethical obligations
  • Costs
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Getting work done with a minimum effort expense or waste is the definition of __________.
  • Management
  • Planning
  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
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If the average human being prefers to be directed wishes to avoid responsibility has relatively little ambition and wants security above all the management attitude would Be:
  • Theory Y manager
  • Theory X manager
  • Theory Z manager
  • All of the given options
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___________shows the management structure of an organization.
  • Hierarchy
  • Decision Tree
  • Incremental Model
  • Satisfying model
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Which one of the following is not the characteristic of Weber’s ideal bureaucracy?
  • Specialization of labor
  • Formalization of rules
  • Division of labor
  • Formalization of li nks authority into a hierarchical structure
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NAFTA stands for:
  • North American Free Trade Agreement
  • North Asian Free Trade Agreement
  • North American Free Trade Association
  • None of the given options
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------------ is a condition in which the decision maker chooses a course of action without complete knowledge of the consequences that will follow implementation.
  • Risk
  • Uncertainty
  • Ambiguity
  • Accuracy
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Seema desires for friendship love and a sense of belonging we can say that she fulfils the_______
  • Physical need
  • Self Actualization
  • Social need
  • Esteem
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-------------- is the planning and implementing of organizational systems and practices that maximize the potential of employees to contribute to organizational goals and develop their capabilities unhindered by group identities such as race gender age or ethnic group.
  • Managing Diversity
  • Anthropology
  • Bureaucracy
  • Remuneration
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