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MGT502 - Organizational Behaviour

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Forum Topic - MGT502 Organizational Behavior Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2013

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MGT502 Organizational Behavior Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2013

Scenario Number 1:
Aric International has been a leading Advertising company. The organization enjoys
talented people working in, out of which a team of 5 people have brought the greatest
achievements to Aric Int. for the past 2 years. Aric has hired you as a Researcher to
study those 5 people in-depth to understand the traits they possess. This would
certainly help Aric Int. in future to recruit the right people for the right job. The findings
that Aric has to provide you in the beginning are as follows;
Ali; the Creative Executive
Ali deals with the creativity of the Ads. His imaginative power has been spotted to be
beyond boundaries. The common words about him were that he is very creative, flexible
& a person who is always ready to learn something new.
Shahid; the PR specialist
Shahid deals with the social contacts of the company. He has been a networking
machine for Aric Int. for 2 years. Colleagues say that he has extraordinary interpersonal
skills, a great social network & stays emotionally expressive always.
Akram; the Idea Generator
The new ideas Aric Int. brings out in every Ad is because of Akram’s positive energy of
thoughts. He is normally found to be an optimistic person with positive thoughts, less
stress & no hyper attitude. He claims that staying positive is one of the main reasons for
the generation of great ideas.
Imran; the Planner
Imran is the member who has the responsibility to plan properly in order to prevent
poor performance. He has been seen as a person with great organized life, planned
motives & a work life full of discipline. Many people had been found calming that they
depend upon Imran a lot in their daily routine work.
Zia; the Team Lead
The teams of 5 people do get panic at time, & it has been seen that the Leader Zia
always brings a common point for all to agree upon. He was found to be trust worthy,
cooperative & good-natured.
Requirement Number 1: Marks: 2×5=10
After going through the scenario & recalling the traits discussed in the Big Five
Personality Model, what do you think which trait out of the 5 each person possess
Note: The first column requires to be filled with the traits each person has & the other column has to be
filled with the valid reasons you found from the scenario for that specific trait.
Individuals Traits Justification from the Scenario
Scenario Number 2:
After 2 years of immense success & joy, Aric Int. has observed a gradual decline in its financial
resources. Due to this fact, the organization has proposed “Salary Cutting” plan, less training
cost & more working hours per day. Along with all this, the organization still wishes to remain
competitive in market. The five people Ali, Akram, Shahid, Imran & Zia have already proven their
loyalty towards Aric Int. as the organization also has great confidence in its employees.
Requirement Number 2: Marks: 5×2=10

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