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MGT201 Financial Management MCQs

MGT201-Financial Management study material for students of virtual university of Pakistan. Download Past(old) Papers solved/unsolved, past assignments, quiz, mcqs, lecture notes, video lectures, handouts, books of MGT201-Financial Management

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The logic behind _______is that instead of looking at net cash flows you look at cash inflows and outflows separately for each point in time.
  • IRR
  • MIRR
  • PV
  • NPV
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Which of the following is NOT the step of Percentage of sales to be used in Financial Forecasting?
  • Estimate year-by-year Sales Revenue and Expenses
  • Estimate Levels of Investment Needs required to Meet Estimated Sales
  • Estimate the Financing Needs
  • Estimate the retained earnings
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Why companies invest in projects with negative NPV?
  • Because there is hidden value in each project
  • Because there may be chance of rapid growth
  • Because they have invested a lot
  • All of the given options
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What is the long-run objective of financial management?
  • Maximize earnings per share
  • Maximize the value of the firm's common stock
  • Maximize return on investment
  • Maximize market share
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Which of the following includes the planning, directing, monitoring, organizing, and controlling of the monetary resources of an organization?
  • Financial accounting
  • Financial management
  • Financial engineering
  • Financial budgeting
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If we were to increase ABC company cost of equity assumption, what would we expect to happen to the present value of all future cash flows?
  • An increase
  • A decrease
  • No change
  • Incomplete information
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A capital budgeting technique through which discount rate equates the present value of the future net cash flows from an investment project with the project’s initial cash outflow is known as
  • Payback period
  • Internal rate of return
  • Net present value
  • Profitability index
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 ______ is paid by companies with lower grade bonds like CC or C ratings.
  • Default risk premium
  • Sovereign Risk Premium
  • Market risk premium
  • Maturity risk premium
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MGT201 Question No.16 Which of the following would be considered a cash-flow item from an "operating" activity?
  • Cash outflow to the government for taxes
  • Cash outflow to shareholders as dividends
  • Cash inflow to the firm from selling new common equity shares
  • Cash outflow to purchase bonds issued by another company
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 ______ are also known as Spontaneous Financing.
  • Current liabilities
  • Current assets
  • Fixed assets
  • Long-term liabilities
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