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Maggie Movie Review

Maggie Movie Review Critic’s Rating: 3/5 Avg Readers’ Rating: 3.1/5 CAST: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Abigail Breslin, Joely Richardson, Denise Williamson, Aiden Flowers DIRECTION: Henry Hobson GENRE: Horror DURATION: 1 hour 34 minutes STORY: An infection plague steadily changes the individuals who are contaminated into inhuman zombies. The most ideal approach to manage the corrupted is to place them in isolate amid the […]

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Tomorrowland Movie Review

Tomorrowland Movie Review Critic’s Rating: 3.5/5 Avg Readers’ Rating: 3.3/5 CAST: Hugh Laurie, George Clooney, Britt Robertson, Raffey Cassidy, Tim McGraw, Thomas Robinson DIRECTION: Brad Bird GENRE: Sci-Fi DURATION: 2 hours 10 minutes STORY: As a young man, Frank Walker showed a dash of creative virtuoso that would be sharpened to close flawlessness when he achieves adulthood. He has however seen […]

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Pakistan and Zimbabwe

Pakistan and Zimbabwe After two nail-gnawing completes in the Twenty20 arrangement denoting the arrival of worldwide cricket to Pakistan, the hosts and Zimbabwe move to the three-match one-day arrangement on Tuesday meaning to assemble for what’s to come. Pakistan won the Twenty20 arrangement 2-0 Sunday before a pressed gathering of people of 27,000 at Lahore’s […]

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Opah Fish Succeed In Oceans

Opah Fish Succeed In Oceans The silvery, round-bodied opah fish is the first warm-blooded fish known to science and this unusual ability gives it a competitive edge in the cold ocean depths. Otherwise called a moonfish, the animal is about the extent of a tire and can warm itself similarly as an auto radiator, scientists […]

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Sony Unveils Premium Xperia Z3+

Sony Unveils Premium Xperia Z3+ Sony has announced a “premium” version of its flagship Xperia Z3 smartphone, known as the Xperia Z3+, which is thinner and lighter than the original, and features an upgraded processor. Sleek and stylish signature waterproof design that is beautifully slim (6.9mm) and lightweight (144g) Capture superior photos and videos even […]

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MGT111 Introduction to Public Administration MCQs

MGT111-Introduction to Public Administration study material for students of virtual university of Pakistan. Download Past(old) Papers solved/unsolved, past assignments, quiz, mcqs, lecture notes, video lectures, handouts, books of MGT111-Introduction to Public Administration

Question :
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Whole is greater than parts is called ____
  • Synergy
  • Subsystem
  • Close system
  • Environment
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In constitutional document, preamble means
  • Introduction to the constitution
  • End part of the constitution
  • Power of Judicial Review of Supreme Court
  • None of the above
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‘D’ of “POSDCORB” stands for;
  • Dodging
  • Directing
  • Demanding
  • Disclosing
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According to Civil Servant Act 1973 what does "Civil" mean?
  • Government
  • Public
  • Army
  • Jidiciary
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The 1973 Constitution of Pakistan treats Islamabad as an independent:
  • Region
  • Territory
  • Area
  • City
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_____ seats are reserved for women in National Assembly of Pakistan.
  • 60
  • 61
  • 71
  • None of the above
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Who is the founder of Theory of Hierarchy of Needs?
  • Douglas McGregor
  • Abraham Maslow
  • Herbert Simon
  • Chester I. Bernard
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What was the name of the book by Chester I. Barnard?
  • The Roles of the Manager
  • The Functions of the Executive
  • The Duties of Seniors
  • The Influences of the Managers
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Instead of having various resources at its disposal, Wapda is unable to meet

electricity demand of the country. Thus wapda is an ____ .

  • efficient organization
  • over-efficient organization
  • notorious organization
  • less efficient organization
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Which of the following is a natural outcome of the close interaction of people?
  • Quarrel
  • Clash
  • Conflict
  • None of the given options
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