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Whole is greater than parts is called ____
  • Synergy
  • Subsystem
  • Close system
  • Environment
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In constitutional document, preamble means
  • Introduction to the constitution
  • End part of the constitution
  • Power of Judicial Review of Supreme Court
  • None of the above
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‘D’ of “POSDCORB” stands for;
  • Dodging
  • Directing
  • Demanding
  • Disclosing
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According to Civil Servant Act 1973 what does "Civil" mean?
  • Government
  • Public
  • Army
  • Jidiciary
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The 1973 Constitution of Pakistan treats Islamabad as an independent:
  • Region
  • Territory
  • Area
  • City
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_____ seats are reserved for women in National Assembly of Pakistan.
  • 60
  • 61
  • 71
  • None of the above
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Who is the founder of Theory of Hierarchy of Needs?
  • Douglas McGregor
  • Abraham Maslow
  • Herbert Simon
  • Chester I. Bernard
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What was the name of the book by Chester I. Barnard?
  • The Roles of the Manager
  • The Functions of the Executive
  • The Duties of Seniors
  • The Influences of the Managers
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Instead of having various resources at its disposal, Wapda is unable to meet

electricity demand of the country. Thus wapda is an ____ .

  • efficient organization
  • over-efficient organization
  • notorious organization
  • less efficient organization
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Which of the following is a natural outcome of the close interaction of people?
  • Quarrel
  • Clash
  • Conflict
  • None of the given options
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