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MGT111 - Introduction to Public Administration

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MGT111 Introduction to Public Administration MCQs

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Which of the following was a father of Scientific Management?
  • Henry L.Gantt
  • Henri Fayol
  • F.W Taylor
  • Max Weber
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Public Administration covers all the three branches of Government i-e Executive Judicial and:
  • Bureaucracy
  • Civil Services
  • Legislative
  • None of the above
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Government is the process of
  • Governing
  • Power Sharing
  • Law Making
  • All of the given Options
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The emergence of Public Administration as a discipline to be taught in formal educational institutes started first in;
  • Europe
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Africa
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‘D’ of “POSDCORB†stands for;
  • Dodging
  • Directing
  • Demanding
  • Disclosing
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The Latin word “ministiare†means;
  • to order
  • to suppress
  • to serve
  • to release
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_____________ is the father of Public Administration.
  • F.W Taylor
  • Woodrow Wilson
  • Henry L. Gantt
  • Max Weber
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The time period of F.W Taylor was influenced by;
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Agrarian Revolution
  • Social Revolution
  • Scientific Revolution
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Public Enterprises conduct their business on commercial lines but controlled by:
  • Autonomous Bodies
  • Attached Departments
  • Government
  • Private Sector
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The mother discipline of Public Administration is
  • Physics
  • Political Science
  • Business Administration
  • Anthropology
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