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MGMT611 Human Relations FAQs

MGMT611 faqs vu, MGMT611 question answers

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Write three steps of communication to communicate effectively?
Why Self confidence is necessary for speaking in front of the class?
Which steps are followed in Grievance procedure to resolve a conflict?
Variety of approaches can lead to constructive relationship with an immediate senior. How will you impress your manager in your professional life? Describe any five approaches.
The Characteristics of creative workers can be grouped in to which three broad areas.
Suppose if you have strong motives or desire of recognition in an organization, what would be essentials in the line of needs?
Illustrate any two example of good Emotional Intelligence application of the workplace?
Identify three areas in a person’s life for achieving his/her goal?
How your self perception emerges out of your relations with others like your family and friends? Discuss with two examples.
How work and family demands create a source of conflict? 5marks Competing Work and Family Demands:

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