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MCM516 TV News Reporting and Production FAQs

MCM516 faqs vu, MCM516 question answers

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What basic flaws do you observe in the political news coverage of Pakistani TV channels? Discuss at least five flaws with logical arguments and examples.
TV News Reporting and Production –MCM516
Do Comparative Analysis of Kerry Lugar Bill’s coverage between “Geo and ARY One World.
9- The --------------- creates the look and feel of the production sets and props.
8- A ------------ is an outline written by a screenwriter, for a film or television program..
7- It is always better to ---------- shocking and frightening, dreadful and horrible news item.
6- --------------- outclassed all other media of communication in effectiveness as it illustrated and is very close to face-to-face communication.
5- Television was introduced to the world about thirty-five years after the radio in ----.
4- The ----------------- reports unearth significant facts about matters of the public importance through the use of non-routine information gathering methods.
3- --------------- or feature news covers a wide territory. The one thing all such news items have is common interest of the audience.

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