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MCM101 Introduction to Mass Communication MCQs

MCM101-Introduction to Mass Communication study material for students of virtual university of Pakistan. Download Past(old) Papers solved/unsolved, past assignments, quiz, mcqs, lecture notes, video lectures, handouts, books of MCM101-Introduction to Mass Communication

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All are the social implications of the Internet except
  • Lack of gatekeepers
  • Lack of communication
  • Information overload
  • Privacy concerns
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The idea that Media should be free of government control but in exchange media must serve the public is better known as ----------------
  • Ethical decision making
  • Normative ethics
  • Applied ethics
  • Social responsibility theory
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Which of the following fields of Public Relations is sometimes referred to as Astroturf PR?
  • Reputation management
  • Issue management
  • Investor relations and labor relations
  • Grassroots PR
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Which of the following theory is in contrast to the authoritarian theory of media?
  • Soviet Theory
  • Social Responsibility Theory
  • Magic Bullet Theory
  • Libertarian Theory
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The first radio commercial was of a -------------
  • Hospital
  • Real estate Corporation
  • Boutique
  • Shopping store
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------------ refers to unsolicited bulk E-mail Advertising?
  • Blog
  • Spam
  • Web
  • Yellow pages
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What is MPR?
  • Major in Public Relation
  • Marketing Public Relations
  • Manager Public Relations
  • None of the given options
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Which of the following refers to the percentage of customers in the target market who are exposed to the advertising campaign for a given time period?
  • Frequency
  • Clutter
  • Reach
  • Target rating point
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How the budget will be affected if a high advertising frequency is achieved?
  • It will be increased
  • It will be decreased
  • It will remain same
  • All of the given options
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Who was the first client of the first PR firm the Publicity Bureau?
  • Harvard University
  • Stanford University
  • Tobacco industry
  • Multinational company
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