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CS101 - Introduction to Computing

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CS101 Introduction to Computing MCQs

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Using COLSPAN, number of rows of the current cell should extend itself
  • Upward
  • Downward
  • Both Upward and Downward
  • None of the given choice
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_________ is the best known builder for supercomputers.
  • Sun
  • Cray Research
  • Microsoft
  • Apple
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A computer program that facilitates the communication between the computer and a peripheral device is
  • Operating system
  • Utilities
  • Language Translator
  • Device Drives
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Detailed plan, specifying the required resources and expected deliverables, is done in ________ phase.
  • Planning
  • User Requirements
  • Design
  • Developer Specification
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Charles Babbage was a/an
  • Mathematician
  • Computer Scientist
  • Physician
  • Analyst
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Ada, Countess of Lovelace developed first:
  • Computer
  • Website
  • Computer Program
  • Analytical engine
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What is databa se:
  • organized collection of data
  • raw facts of data
  • a & b both
  • non of the given options
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________Generally consist of a collection of interrelated computer files.
  • Databa se
  • Data integrity
  • Data entry
  • non of the given options
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This defination is true for which one of the following"A collection of data organized in sch a fashion that the computer can quickly search for a desired data item."
  • DBMS
  • MS Powerpoint
  • Data Modifying
  • Databa se
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________provides SW tools need to organize & manipulate that data in a flexible manner.
  • Databa ses
  • Data Entry
  • DBMS
  • MS Excel
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